Even More Groups Join the Movement to Support Dental Therapy

  | By Laura Hale, Sr. State Advocacy Manager, Community Catalyst
Even More Groups Join the Movement to Support Dental Therapy

Last month, the National Partnership for Dental Therapy announced a list of 130 groups that formally endorsed dental therapy. The groups ranged from large national organizations to small community groups, from progressive organizers to free market think tanks but the diverse list of supporters was united by their belief that dental therapy is an equity-focused, cost-effective means of addressing a lack of dental care for far too many people across the U.S.

Since that announcement, we’ve been thrilled to see 11 more organizations add their voices in support of dental therapy:

Dental therapy is an evidence-based, cost-effective policy solution that’s been highly effective at getting more people the dental care they need to live happy, healthy lives. Despite the opposition of many dentist groups, dental therapy enjoys broad bipartisan support, including from President Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Trump administration. We encourage groups that care about access to dental care and health equity to join us in support of dental therapists.

Image credit: Children's Alliance (Seattle, WA)