About the Partnership

Dental therapists are delivering oral health care to tens of thousands of people in the United States who otherwise would not be able to receive it. But not everyone has the opportunity to see a dental therapist.  

Co-chaired by Community Catalyst, the National Indian Health Board and the National Coalition of Dentists for Health Equity, and the American Dental Therapy Association, the goal of the National Partnership for Dental Therapy is to elevate the visibility and broad, multi-sectorial support for dental therapy as an evidence-based way to improve access to oral health. We believe all communities could benefit from dental therapists, but the focus of the Partnership is improving access to much needed dental care to communities where the needs are the greatest.  Support for dental therapy spans the political and geographic spectrum and over 175 groups have signed on to the NPDT to show their support for these innovative, community-focused providers. 

Please help bring visibility to this issue by having your organization endorse dental therapy.